Instruments for Battery Research

Potentiostats/Galvanostats, Titrators, Ion Chromatographs

Our modular and multichannel Autolab potentiostats/galvanostats merge function and expansion in powerful, reliable instruments, with the ability to add additional functionality at any time.

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Do you need water content analysis or ion content determination? See below for our titration and ion chromatography solutions.

Single Channel



The PGSTAT204 combines the small footprint with a modular design. The instrument includes a base potentiostat/galvanostat with a compliance voltage of 20 V and a maximum current of 400 mA or 10 A in combination with the BOOSTER10A. The potentiostat can be expanded at any time with one additional module, for example the FRA32M electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) module.

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This high end, high current potentiostat/galvanostat, with a compliance voltage of 30 V and a bandwidth of 1 MHz, combined with our FRA32M module, is specially designed for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

The PGSTAT302N is the successor of the popular PGSTAT30. The maximum current is 2 A, the current range can be extended to 20 A with the BOOSTER20A, the current resolution is 30 fA at a current range of 10 nA.

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The entry level member of the modular Autolab instruments family, the PGSTAT128N is a low current, low noise and fast potentiostat/galvanostat capable of measuring maximum 800 mA, with a compliance voltage of 12 V. The PGSTAT128N is a high performance low cost option for electrochemical measurements in small cells.

Designed for a wide range of electrochemical applications, from corrosion measurements to the characterization of energy storage devices, this budget instrument is the ideal choice for electrochemical applications where performance is important. You can customize and enhance the capabilities of the PGSTAT128N by adding one or more of the many available optional modules or accessories.

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The Multi Autolab is a multi channel potentiostat/galvanostat based on the compact Autolab PGSTAT204. It consist of a Multi Autolab Cabinet which can be fitted with up to 12 M204 modules. Each M204 is a completely independent potentiostat/galvanostat, allowing you to perform different measurements on each channel at the same time.

The Multi Autolab can be controlled from up to three different computers simultaneously, allowing to share the available channels among different users.

The Multi Autolab instruments can be complemented by a selection of optional modules. Each M204 module can be coupled to one optional module in the instrument. The maximum number of optional modules is 6. Optional modules or additional M204 modules can be installed at any time.

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Electrochemistry Accessories

DuoCoin Cell Holder


The Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder has 4-point Kelvin gold-plated contacts to assure the highest precision measurements for your battery research. A versatile accessory that can accommodate all standard cells sizes with capacity for smaller and larger non-standard cells and two cells can be processed at one time.

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Autolab Microcell HC


The Autolab Microcell HC system is the ideal solution for fast and reliable temperature-controlled experiments. Consisting of a temperature controller and a cell stage with Peltier element, the Autolab Microcell is designed to accomodate a large choice of specially designed electrochemical cells.

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Electrochemistry Modules


Expand your Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat’s capabilities with additional modules listed here:

  • EQCM – Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance
  • FRA32M – Impedance analysis
  • ECI10M – High frequency electrochemical impedance measurements
  • BOOSTER10A/BOOSTER20A–Increase maximum current
  • ADC10M – Ultra fast sampling
  • SCAN250 – High speed analog scan generator
  • MUX – Multiple cells/multiple electrodes
  • BA – Dual mode bipotentiostat module
  • ECN – Electrochemical noise measurement
  • ECD – Extreme low currents
  • FI20 – Filter integrator module
  • pX1000 – pH/pX and temperature measurements
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Ion Chromatography


Engineered for research and sophisticated method development, the 940 Professional IC Vario provides you with the ultimate flexibility you expect from an ion chromatograph.

  • Use any kind of column, gradient, liquid handling, suppression, or detection – there are no limits to system configuration
  • Multi-channel analysis possible (two, three, or more channels)
  • Can be combined with any of the Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques and intelligent injection techniques
  • Straightforward automation for high sample throughput
  • Low cost of ownership: save money on consumables

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Image 5

For trace concentrations (10 μg…10 mg absolute water content), coulometry is the ideal method for determining water in liquids, solids and gases. Furthermore, coulometry is an absolute method, so no titer determination is necessary. With the 851 Titrando coulometric titrations can be performed easily and quickly.

The 874 Oven Sample Processor is used for automatic thermal sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration. The oven method is particularly suitable for samples that do not release their water until higher temperatures have been reached, for sparingly soluble samples or those that react with the KF reagent.

This instrument can be modified to match customer-specific sample vessels. For more information on Karl Fischer titrators and sample automation, click here.